• realtime DB
    - 개수제한 있는줄 알았는데 active sheet만 가져오는거였음, datetime 넣어주니까 해결됨
  • firebase + React connect (without CRUD)
  • CRUD
  • firebase Auth read/write

Editing firebase.json


firebase response 400 error code, and visualize nothing.

  • first try: change firebase.json element of key “public” to “build” → file in build will deployed
  • second try: “What’s that chrome extension…” → “Forest” app is blocking…



During reading paper in HRD, I found this theory.

“Media Richness Theory” founded by Daft and Lengel(1984) and based on the idea that ‘media has different capability of delivering information’. Richness means the amount and quality of information of media.

Based on these idea, face-to-face communication is the richest medium due to personal focus — e.g. immediate feedback, multiple cues.



“Everyone can develop their own expertise?”

The research of expertise says that expertise can be developed through proper education and experience.

“Everyone can be an expert?”

A word ‘Expert’ means the people who solve the problem in their domain gracefully, successfully than others. Here is the big deal, the definition of ‘problem’ and ‘domain’ is uncertain.



Jee Hun Sung

인적자원개발과 학습분석에 관심이 있습니다. Interested in HRD and Learning Analytics