Django & React App

I’m trying to create simple web-app with Django, React.

Using Django for backend, React for frontend.

Manual- How to replicate)

1. Create project folder and python virtual environment

django-admin startproject backend

npx create-react-app frontend

install yarn

delete useless file (logo, sort of..)

create folder in ‘src’ folder: img(for saving static image), components(for saving javascript and css file), container(for wrapping files in components folder: this folder is directly routing!), services(for saving API files)

create folder in ‘components’ folder: Home, Diagnose, Recommendation.. whatever you want

2. Setting Backend

usually… 1) Product DB, 2) User demo DB, 3) User Specify DB (e.g. user response data in case of diagnose system)

python startapp {name of your app} initialize models

(create) make serializer make view register DB

createsuperuser → makemigrations → migrates → runserver

import os

add INSTALLED_APPS: your installed apps, corsheaders, restframework

add MIDDLEWARE: for cors setting

add CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST: for proxy frontend request

add TEMPLATES → ‘DIRS’: for register template from frontend


add STATICFILES_DIRS: for register image files from frontend

import routers from rest_framework, from app folder

API setting: (baseline — here)

Difference1. HometemplateView setup → from django.views.generic import ProductView is wrong
Difference2. as_view() should need argument (e.g. {‘get’: ‘list’})
*Limitation: this ref don’t have show interaction precisely btw frontend and backend → tunneling through axios should be edited!



인적자원개발과 학습분석에 관심이 있습니다. Interested in HRD and Learning Analytics

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Jee Hun Sung

인적자원개발과 학습분석에 관심이 있습니다. Interested in HRD and Learning Analytics